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Configurando Aplicaciones para Réplicas de Lectura de SQL-Server AlwaysOn 24 de Septiembre (12 pm GMT -5) Carlos Rojas Resúmen: Cómo configurar SQL-Server y Aplicaciones .NET para aprovechar la funcionalidad de Lectura de las Réplicas en AlwaysOn de SQL-Server Próximos Eventos Introducción a SSIS con BIML 15 de Octubre Guillermo Caicedo Indices columnares en SQL Server 2014 1 de Octubre José L. Rivera Power BI para office 365 8 de Octubre Jorge Castañeda Está por comenzar:

Configurando Aplicaciones para Réplicas de Lectura de SQL-Server AlwaysOn - Carlos Rojas

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Cómo configurar SQL-Server y Aplicaciones .NET para aprovechar la funcionalidad de Lectura de las Réplicas en AlwaysOn de SQL-Server

Text of Configurando Aplicaciones para Réplicas de Lectura de SQL-Server AlwaysOn - Carlos Rojas

  • 1. Configurando Aplicaciones para Rplicas deLectura de SQL-Server AlwaysOn24 de Septiembre (12 pm GMT -5)Carlos RojasResmen:Cmo configurar SQL-Server y Aplicaciones .NETpara aprovechar la funcionalidad de Lectura de lasRplicas en AlwaysOn de SQL-ServerPrximos EventosIndices columnares en SQL Server20141 de OctubreJos L. RiveraPower BI para office 3658 de OctubreJorge CastaedaIntroduccin a SSIS con BIML15 de OctubreGuillermo CaicedoEst por comenzar:

2. Configurando Aplicaciones para Rplicas deLectura de SQL-Server AlwaysOn24 Setiembre 2014Carlos Rojas VargasMVP | MCSA | MCITP | MCTS | MCPD | MCSE | MCTConsultor Senior CMA / Trainer CTESQL-Server Users Group Costa Ricahttp://sqlugcr.net 3. History of SQL-based Data RedundancySQL Backup and Restore (SQL Server 6.5)SQL Log Shipping (SQL Server 7.0)SQL Transactional Replication (SQL Server 7.0)SQL Failover Cluster (SQL Server 7.0)- HADR Enhancements (SQL Server 2000)SQL Snapshot (SQL Server 2005)SQL Mirroring (SQL Server 2005)- HADR Enhancements (SQL Server 2008 & R2)SQL AlwaysOn (SQL Server 2012)SQL AlwaysOn Enhanced (SQL Server 2014) 4. AlwaysOn Technologies inSQL Server 2012/2014AlwaysOn Failover ClusterInstance Server-level protectionWindows ServerFailover ClusterWindows ServerFailover ClusterAlwaysOn Availability Group Database-level protection 5. SQL-Server 2012/2014 HADRAlwaysOn High Availability Group(HAG) 6. AlwaysOn: High Availability Group Installation Windows cluster No-clustered SQLServer 7. A Flexible SolutionAlwaysOn provides the flexibility of different HAconfigurationsSynchronousData MovementAAsynchcronousData MovementAAAShared Storage, regional and geo secondariesAAADirect attached storage local, regional and geo target 8. High Availability SummaryHigh Availability and DisasterRecoverySQL Server SolutionPotentialData Loss(RPO)PotentialRecoveryTime (RTO)AutomaticFailoverReadableSecondariesAlwaysOn Availability Group - synchronous-commitZero Seconds Yes(4) YesAlwaysOn Availability Group - asynchronous-commitSeconds Minutes No YesAlwaysOn Failover Cluster Instance NA(5) Seconds-to-minutesYes NADatabase Mirroring(2) - High-safety (sync +witness)Zero Seconds Yes NADatabase Mirroring(2) - High-performance (async) Seconds(6) Minutes(6) No NALog Shipping Minutes(6) Minutes-to-hours(6)No Not duringa restoreBackup, Copy, Restore(3) Hours(6) Hours-to-days(6)No Not duringa restore 9. Application FailoverAvailability Groups Listener allow applications to failover seamlessly to any secondaryApplication reconnects using a virtual name after a failover to a secondaryServerA ServerB ServerCHRDBAG_HRHRDBHR_VNNPrimary SecondaryHRDBPrimary SSeeccoonnddaarryyApplication retry during failover-server HR_Listener;-catalogHRDBConnect to new primary oncefailover is completeand the listener is online 10. Active Secondary ReplicasPrimary ReplicaSecondary Replica(Read-Intent)ListenerSecondary Replica(Read-Only)ApplicationIntent=ReadOnlyBackup 11. AlwaysOnActive Secondary IT efficiency and cost-effectiveness is critical for businesses Idle hardware is not an option anymore AlwaysOnActive Secondary enables efficient utilization of high availability hardwareresources thereby improving overall IT efficiency Active Secondary can be utilized for Balancing read-only workloads Offloading Backup Operations 12. SQLservr.exe SQLservr.exeInstanceADB1 DB2Readable secondary allow offloading read queries to secondaryClose to real-time data, latency of log synchronizationimpact data freshnessBackups in Secondary ReplicasDB1 DB2Primary SecondaryInstanceBSecondary PrimaryReportsBackupsReportsBackupsAlwaysOn Availability Groups 13. Active SecondaryEnabling Backup On SecondaryBackups can bedone on any replicaof a databaseBackups onprimary replica stillworksLog backups doneon all replicas forma single log chainDatabaseRecovery Advisormakes restoressimpleR/W workloadPrimaryBackupsSecondaryBackupsSecondaryBackups 14. Read-Only Client ConnectivityRead-Only client connection behavior determined by Availability ReplicaOption+ ApplicationIntent PropertyApplicationIntent is a connection propertyReplica option determines whether a replica is enabled for read access when in a secondary roleRead-Only Routing enables redirection of client connection to new secondaryon role changeEnable seamless redirection of application connection across replicas without manual intervention 15. DemoSQL-Server Always OnView Clustering Services 2012R2Implementing AlwaysOnHigh Availability Group (HAG)Testing Readable Secondaries 16. Mantngase conectado a nosotros!Vistenos en http://globalspanish.sqlpass.org20/SpanishPASSVClnkd.in/dtYBzev/user/SpanishPASSVC/SpanishPASSVC 17. PASS Community NewsSeptember 2014 18. Planning on attending PASS Summit 2014? 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Stay Involved! Sign up for a free membership today at sqlpass.org Linked In: http://www.sqlpass.org/linkedin Facebook: http://www.sqlpass.org/facebook Twitter: @SQLPASS PASS: http://www.sqlpass.org 24. Indices columnares en SQL Server 20141 de Octubre (12 pm GMT -5)Jos L. RiveraResmen:Los ndices columnares, disponibles desde SQL Server2012, prometen ser una herramienta fundamental paraobtener alto rendimientos en consultas de altosvolmenes de datos. Estos ndices introducen un nuevoparadigma de construccin y uso el cual estaremosdiscutiendo en esta sesin. Veremos sus caractersticasprincipales y como tomar ventaja de los mismos ennuestros entornos laborales.Prximo Evento