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Logos de sellos

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Analisis del diseño de logos de sellos

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  • El uso de formar y textos circulas es una de las caractersticas de estos logos.

    FanUnikate Personalizes objects for sport clubs and souvenir sellers

  • Designed for a company that sell fish!

  • Se caracterizan por utilizar un estilo vintage, usar el positivo y el negativo, y utilizar variciones

    tipografcas (bold) para resaltar lo que se quiere mostrar

  • Los colores mas utilizados son el rojo, verde, negro, blanco y azul.

  • This logo is for the Chattanooga Visitor's Bureau. It is for a monthly publication showcasing the goings on in Chattanooga. It is a one color design intended for color change each month depending on the color palette for the isue as well

    as the featured front page photograph.

    Logo for a small company currently selling clothing and various car paraphernalia at car and motorcycle shows.

    Logo was to resemble a passport stamp. The website is a place to nd out about various cities around

    Europe and North America, so the I created a logo that would t in your passport!

  • Americans Abroad for Obama

  • Logo for a university's architecture association in Iran. Logo and stamp, representing a pencil and a building.