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Git Sistema Distribuido de Control de Versiones (DVCS)

Introducción a Git

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Introducción básica a Git. Conceptos para empezar a usar Git

Text of Introducción a Git

  • GitSistema Distribuido de Control de Versiones (DVCS)
  • Centralizado Version Control System
  • Distributed Version Control System
  • Basics - Repository
  • Basics - Branches
  • Basics - Merge
  • Configuracin# Configure the user which will be used by gitgit config --global user.name "Juan Perez"# Same for the email addressgit config --global user.email "[email protected]"
  • Empecemos# Creamos un directorio para nuestro nuevo proyectomkdir ~/hellogit# Agregamos un archivovim index.html
  • Primeros Pasos# Initialize the local Git repositorygit init# Add all (files and directories) to the Git repositorygit add .# Make a commit of your file to the local repositorygit commit -m "Initial commit"# Show the log filegit log
  • El segundo commit# Check the changes via the diff commandgit diff# Commit the changes, -a will commit changes for modified files# but will not add automatically new filesgit commit -a -m "These are new changes"
  • GUIsGithub git client
  • Algunos GUIsClientes Mac: Gitbox Tower GihubClientes Windows: TortoiseGit SmartGit Github